An Image is a Bolt to the Brain!!!

Images not only adds life to your content but also can
Convert Leads to Business…

Images have a tendency to tickle the emotional corner of a person. you can hook your visitors emotionally with images.

With the help of images one can make a big time impression on social media platforms like FB, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Images will help you go viral big time.

As images forces direct impression on our brain hence it helps in building and establishing trust.

Images give wonderful impression of igniting empathy.

One can remember and relate to an image much easily than text hence your customers can reflect and remember you much more easily...

Let's Have A Look At Those Stats

Image is the No.1 factor in optimisation of social media marketing content.

According to studies 65 percent of global population are visual learners hence learning and adopting from images.

In comparison to text based online content Vs. Contents with relevant and attractive image receives nearly twice as many views to the competitor.

94 percent more as compared to only text based content.

More than 80 million photos are uploaded each day to Instagram and users watch six billion videos on Snapchat every day, according to Brandwatch, while Twitter says more than 100 million gifs were shared on the platform in 2015.

On Facebook 350 million photos are uploaded every day, with 14.58 million photo uploads per hour, 243,000 photo uploads per minute, 4000 photo uploads per second.

Always be 100% sure that the images you are using are legal & you must have proper license to use.

In case it’s not legal or copyright free then you will get yourself into very big trouble.

You don't believe us??? In that case, you can search on internet and you'll find that stock image companies are making huge money by hunting down instances of their images being used illegally with their copyright.

It Happens... too often Than You can think...

This Way is too expensive, not to mention it may also have "Restricted-Usage-Rights".

Means if you want to use them for your website or e-cover pages, the image that you have to bought with an "Extended-Usage-License" that could cost you a few hundred dollars that too for just one image!!!

Now See The Statistics

for 25,000 images you will have to pay…

$80.99 X 25,000 = $2,024,750
$100 X 25,000 = $25,00,000

Or maybe higher than this..Anyway it will cost you beyond your imagination

Searching for high-quality, good looking stock photos which you can use on websites, or other designing work can be both hectic and very expensive. You know that right?

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