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Audio Actually Sets the TONE for Your Video and Business!!!

  • You believe it or not, but the audio you choose says a lot about your business.
  • Any Video will sound boring without an audio track, it is same for intro music, background music or song..
  • It’s not just videos, pretty much any multimedia project doesn’t sound appealing without a little audio/music track to spice things up!
  • Perfect Audio Track acts as a Most Powerful Weapon to Establish an Emotional Connection with Your Target Audience. It:
  • Enhances Brand Value
  • Hit Emotions
  • Attract New Customers
  • Tell the Story Professionally

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Audio plays an important role in establishing, maintaining and even growing the value of a Brand.

  • Audio can serve the overall marketing goals with different powers.
  • Perfect Audio Selection for business Videos is one of the best ways to resonate with their customers.
  • Background music and Royalty-free background audio are the things marketers are constantly looking for to enhance their video marketing through YouTube and other video platforms.
  • But searching professional but royalty free audios for your needs can be Very Tedious and Super Expensive.

An Eye-Opening Fact, Check Yourself!

Big Guys are charging Big amount for a SINGLE AUDIO CLIP

  • Truth to be told... Royalty-Free Audio Tracks are often quite Expensive, even just for a Very Limited Usage License.
  • You'll have to pay anywhere from $5 up to $50 (or more) per song!
  • Don’t believe us?... Check it out yourself what people are charging even For One Single Audio Track…

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1500+ Enchanting Audio Tracks with Resell Rights

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  • High Quality Audios
  • Very Low in Price
  • No need to pay for each Audio clip
  • Use as your own music
  • Can use them as you like
  • Can start selling from home.
  • Keep 100% Profit

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How Can You Benefit From This Package?

  • Use the music in your projects and your client’s projects.
  • Resell it and keep 100% profits
  • Bundle with other products your are selling to enhance your product’s value
  • Use the tracks with videos to get leads for your list
  • Generate an additional passive profit stream
  • And so much more…

There is Huge Potential in this package.

All audios in this collection are fully compatible with almost every Latest Video Creation / Sound mixing Software.

In Addition, you can also Use this Audio Package for:

Television and Film




Video Games

Corporate Videos


Background Music

Music Loops

Production Music

Grab it with 100% Confidence and use it with 100% confidence forever.

Why Should You Choose Our
1500+ Enchanting Audio Package With Resell Rights?

Extremely Affordable

The Audio Tracks which we are providing you with this package will cost you for a single audio clip in most of other websites. We have shown you the proofs but if you still have doubts, search the internet and you will see how expensive it is to get ONE SINGLE AUDIO TRACK from any stock site. But with our package, you will get 1500+ Audio Tracks for the price of a single clip.

100% Royalty-Free

This entire collection of 1500+ Audio Tracks is 100% Royalty-Free. You can use them in all your personal projects with 100% confidence and security. You can also be able to use in your unlimited cliet's project as well. You will be safe from Copyright-issues that could cost you a fortune otherwise.

Flexible Licensing Options

The Massive package, just near at your door with Three Flexible Licensing Options. You can choose your license according to your convenience and requirement. If you choose Resell License then you can resell this package and keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

Exclusive License Included

You will get a complete License with each of those rights we are selling just after you successfully buy the package

Neatly Assorted

We have spent countless hours to sort all audios presented in this whole collection of 1500+ Audio Tracks into different categories. Now you can instantly search what you are looking for without wasting your precious time in scrolling the whole package.

Compatible With all Major Software

The Whole collection of 1500+ audio files are in zip format. And when you will extract with any software which is able to unzip a .zip file you will get the standard mp3 format, so you can use them in almost all the video, presentation and media editing/authoring software out there.

This goes without saying that there is huge earning potential in this package. So just give it a thought. You can turn around and resell this material for a price of your choice and the best part - You get to keep all the money! NO PROFIT SHARING!!

  1. Personal Rights: This option is for people who do not wish to resell this product further in the market and are only interested for personal use on their own projects.
  2. Commercial Rights: This option is for people who wish to use this product for thier own as well as client's projects, may be used for web development or digital marketing for 3rd party. But cannot resell in any way.
  3. Resale Rights option: This option is designed for people who want to resell the product locally or globally, they may be established entrepreneur or may be start-ups. They will get to keep 100% profit of the sale, but one have to keep in mind that modification or rebranding options are not available.

Choose An Option Below Right Now for



Personal Use

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Commercial Use

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Resell Rights

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